Data manager centres conference

The Data manager centres conference (in German: Konferenz der Betreiberzentren, KdBZ) is an international cooperation of managers of databases for dangerous substances.

Providing information on dangerous substances – That is our aim. Information on their physical and chemical characteristics is required for correct handling of dangerous substances, but also the specification of safety limits in accordance with legal and scientific sources. In certain cases, it may even be indicated to rely on foreign limits. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to obtain information on dangerous chemicals rapidly so that safe action can be taken. Classification, specification and packaging in accordance with GHS / CLP (EC ordinance No. 1272/2008) and definitions in accordance with the REACH ordinance (EC ordinance No. 1907/2006) are of particular importance here and have been incorporated into databases with reference to the substances.

The cooperation of IGS partners is an affiliation of managers of databases for dangerous substances that use the IGS software developed by the Kisters company. It enables systematic organisation and management of information on dangerous substances and provides a comfortable search option with corresponding display of data on dangerous substances.